Tuesday, January 08, 2013

New Blog

I have created a new blog for thought experimentation for paranormal activity. It is separate from my ITC blog because it is used for specific ITC experimentation instead of thought experiments, which have very little (reliable/consistent) measurement.

It is called ParaAbnormal @ http://paraabnormal72.blogspot.com/

I have only made an introductory post explaining my position and the purpose of the blog. I hope all who visit my Contact Field blog will take a look at the new blog and share ideas and thoughts.

Best Regards,

Frank D. Ratka Jr., M.Ed.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Not really about ITC but an effect your recordings

Sometimes while on an investigation many investigators have experienced equipment malfunction due to loss of power or a dead battery. This occurs even when you know you have just used a fresh battery. I usually refer to this problem as the "dead battery syndrome" or DBS. Back in the mid to late 1990's, when it became possible (availiblity of cheap technology) for the average enthusiast to adopt ghost hunting as a hobby, investigators attributed these power losses to spirits draining the energy from their equipment. This way of thinking has carried over to the modern day investigators and even TV ghost hunting shows, causing a big problem in the realm of misinformation. Of course this does not hold true for equipment plugged into a wall but this excuse was used anyway.

Keeping DBS in mind and noting the mesuarable electrical nature of paranormal activity we can postulate that this syndrome is caused by some other previously unknown effect. In 2005, I wrote a research paper on the causes of DBS in reference to the work of Brazilian Physicist, Dr. Fran De Aquino of Maranhao University. The paper put forth an idea that the flow of electricity (electrons) can be interrupted by a copper conductor being saturated with extremely low frequency (ELF) radiation. On a quantum level, ELF radiation greatly reduces the gravitational masses of free-electrons within a copper or iron conductor, thus inhibiting the flow of current across the conductive medium. With enough saturation these materials can be completely nullified for the conductance of electrical current.

Most modern electronics are built with voltage regulators, which are designed to accept voltages within a certain range. This is done to prevent damage to the equipent in case of a voltage surge or loss. If we attribute what we have learned the loss of current due to ELF bombardment will only need to drop the current below the prescribed range to shut off the power or read a loss of power.

We know that ELF radiation is present in the vicinity of paranormal activity through measurement with specialized detectors/meters. I have directly measured an "orb" with an ELF meter (verified by IR video), which supports the idea that these anomalies emit ELF radiation. This can also be illustrated, though less scientifically by the physiological effects ELF radiation has on the human body, e.g. nausea, blurred vision, stomach cramps, cold sweats, etc.

As a side note, with all the investigators and "documenting" of paranormal activity, very little actual research is taking place. With the excepting of a few, most investigators are not trying to answer questions with their evidence. They collect it, make unsupported claims about the mechanisms of anomalies but in reality it is meaningless. Trying to explain anomalous paranormal phenomena should be the primary reason for data collection, not the "it was cool" factor. The TV shows are for entertainment and have done really well in drumming up interest, keeping the investigative ranks fresh but you have to have a goal for your evidence. You have to ask yourself, why amd I doing what I am doing?

Monday, November 28, 2011

Revisiting my older research

In a recent email to fellow ITC researcher Steve Hultey, I addressed an idea I had back in 2004 (though I told him 2006 mistakenly) of using ultrasonics for the purpose of producing audible speech. You may say to yourself, "ultrasonics are outside the range of human hearing, what is he talking about?" You are correct, ultrasonics are outside the hearing range of humans, which is typically 20Hz to 20kHz but a principle can be applied to produce audible sound using ultrasonic frequencies as a carrier signal. This is illustrated in a modified version of the heterodyne principle as applied by Dr. Joseph Pompeii around the start of the new millenia.

Dr. Pompeii, who use to work for Bose before stiking out on his own was able to apply the Berktay equation (used for underwater sonar in the 1960's) in reverse to create modulated directional sound in three dimensional space. He can literally make a bubble of sound in the air that you can only hear if you are standing in the bubble. Not only that but he could make the sound directional, a literal beam of sound.

You may ask, what does this have to do with the paranormal. It has been reported in the that speech from an unknown source (presumably a ghost) has been heard by a person without others being able to hear it around them. Seems to fit a little huh? Lets go further! In many cases sound is used as a carrier to produce electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) such as running water, whitenoise generators, electric fans, etc. These items produce a carrier signal that provides raw audio to be used by whatever spectral entity, which is supported by many researchers in the field. These researchers (including myself) wondered why they could not hear the voices even though the voices record on their recorders. I hypothesize that the signal is embedded in unmodulated ultrasonic frequencies, which is why we cannot hear them. Under the right conditions, the signals can be modulated in air allowing us to hear the voices we hear on investigations.

All electronics and moving machinery produce ultrasonic frequencies. There is a whole industry who produce ultrasound meters to detect and measure these signals for inductrial applications. Presumably, the spectral entities have an electrical component as evidence of the measurable electromagnetic field as demonstrated by a myriad of investigation groups. If these entities have an electrical component in our dimensional plane then it is not unreasonable that they can produce untrasonic frequencies. If these signals are mixed (heterodyne principle) they will produce two secondary frequencies called the intermediate (difference) and the beat frequencies. If the signal is in phase with the base frequency (produced by the machinrey or electronic circuit) it will produce an audible signal. If the signal in question is out of phase, it will produce a beat frequency that is audible but only works out as a steady tick or beat. This still does not explain why we cannot hear it, right?

It is my contention that these signals lack very much intensity (volume) and are modulated only a few centimeters from the recording device. Going with this idea, how can we intensify these signals? Do we increase the intensity of the carrier signal (base frequency)? Do we apply principles of resonance to amplify the intermediate signal?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Been a long time!

Wow, its been a while since I have posted to my ITC blog. I have been heavily involved in completing grad school so I have been focused on academics for the last year or more. I hope to continue my research in the near future to promote this means of communication. I feel the paranormal craze is finally dying down (no pun intended), so a lot of the fad ghost hunters will start to dwindle.

With that said, as a community we have picked up a lot of passionate and talented investigators and researchers. Possibly even picking up a few serious researchers in the hard science fields. Much of the progress we have made, in equipment and evidence has impressed some of the academics and hopefully peaked their interest enough to perform real research. I feel we are real close to gaining a foothold in scientific research because we have uncovered some phenomenon that touch on aspects of physics researchers are familiar with. This familiarity gives them a jumping point to devise a way of testing and measuring certain aspects of paranormal phenomena.

Don't get me wrong, we are a long way away from explaining the 'why' question but the 'how' may be in reach.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Greetings all!

Just a short hello! It has been a long time since I have posted to this blog. I am still recording but have little time to share what I have recorded. Between school, work and family my time is very much spent in another world.

Anyway, just wanted to share that I am still here and active just not so much on the blog.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Hi All! Long time no see!

Despite my lack of participation in the community lately, I am still recording as much as ever with my group and making great progress. My ever evolving hearing and open air technique has yielded contacts with the "gatekeepers" for a while now. They continue to be in good spirits (no pun intended, LOL) and are good sports while putting up with my endless questions. Recently I had them tell me that "I was a great distraction"! LOL

Interestingly enough with it being close to Halloween and all I had a friend of mine ask about the existence of vampires. Now, I don't necassarily pay attention to such requests and I certainly know they don't care for silly questions but I felt obliged to ask for her anyways. I told my friends at the beginning of the session that I had a silly to ask them. I asked about the existence of traditional, blood sucking vampires (not the psi type) and I didn't expect to get a serious answer from them. I expected to get the slightly annoyed, sarcastic tone they give when i ask silly questions. I didn't get a definitive "Yes" but I got a lot of dodging and beating around the bush. I could hear their conversation back nd forth about secrets and them talking about an individual "who knows".

You see they have told us all before that these things that we think are fantasy or fiction have all been created at some point or another on one, many or an infinate amount of dimensions. I was reminded that creation is not something that happened but is something that is still happening and our minds can create and destroy at will. So, be careful who or what you are thinking about! LOL

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Back to Work!

Sorry for the long pause, among other things we were in the process of moving into our new home in Spring, Texas. Anyway, we are getting settled in and I have begun working on my laser project once again. I am so excited, I have a workspace all my own now.

On to the meat of this post. I have resurrected my pulse-modulated laser in combination with my IR receiver. Upon testing the units work great despite some rough handling during the move. Ahem! The switch between the internal and external microphone had to be re-soldered due to a broken joint but everything else seems to be peachy.

I also had a new idea on a "echo chamber". It is slightly larger than the ones Sumption has been making and I am using shaped chambers to bounce and amplify the soundwaves in the box (see Bose for a comparison). The box will be fed by a single speaker, which projects sound into a 2" PVC pipe. The sound then resonates in the pipe and its energy released out the other end to be bounced from an angled block to another block that projects it into another 2" pipe. This pipe is a little more special in that it holds 3" of foam rubber 2" inside the pipes opening. This foam rubber acts as a filter to remove unwanted ultrasonic waves that can cause distortion on most microphones. As you can guess the microphone is placed on this end and should supply some very intersting dynamic sound.